Fat Funk Sax

Fat Funk Sax is the band you need to bring that oh-so-special James Brown vibe into your party.
This is funk with a hip hop type of breaks (but no MC rapping).
This is funk but with a more urban edge.
This is funk with a high energy vibe.
This is funk to get the house dancing.
This is funk spiked with some psycho-delic flavours.
This is funk laced with Latin salsa.
This is Fat Funk Sax fronted by the awesome talents of Craig Crofton and James Morton.

Check out the Fat FunkSax aka
Los Mercanarios'playing live'
1.James Brown's Pass The Peas ..
2.Underground Sample.
3. Snatch
4.Red Clay

Blowout played our New Year’s Ball held at The Assembly Rooms and from the moment they began to play the dance floor was full. It was obvious that a lot of time and practice had gone into the prepared sets. We had 600 guests of varying ages and everybody loved the band. Balls 2 u ii would certainly recommend them for any event, and we hope to book them to play at future balls we host.

Annie Moss. Balls 2 u ii. New Year’s Eve Ball.Assembly Rooms,Bath 2003 2004 2005